Squalicorax Fossil Shark Teeth Lot of 3! Ocean Fossil!

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Each quantity ordered will contain 3 Squalicorax Shark teeth that are at least 80% whole!


Also known as the Crow Shark, Squalicorax was a coastal predator and scavenger. Their teeth were heavily serrated, made to cut large chunks of flesh off their victims.

Here are some gorgeous and unique Squalicorax Fossil Shark Teeth! These are approx 70 Million Years Old! They make great pendants for necklaces, or some awesome display specimens!  The Squalicorax was also known as the Crow Shark.  


They were mined in Khouribga, Morocco.


Fun Fact: Squalicorax are believed to have gotten as big as 22 Feet long! Their teeth were serrated as shown in the photos!


Photos above represent the approx quality and sizes you will receive. Order will be a random pull from available stock.


Squalicorax Paintings shared under CC.
Squalicorax Paintings by Dmitry Bogdanov

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