Below is a list of useful links that Lapidary Central recommends.  We have no affiliation with the below links unless they lead directly to  If it is a store, purchase at your own risk.  If it is a guide, please do your own research.  We at are providing these to help assist you.  If a link is broken, outdated, or if you have any suggestions, please email Links
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External unaffiliated useful links:


Rock Tumbling Hobby Forums - A great resource with endless knowledge.  Get to know fellow rockhounds, ask questions, get advice, share photos of awesome finds or cool cabs.


The Slab Depot Facebook Group - A syndicate of trustworthy admins working together to provide rare slabs and rough.  We highly recommend this group, and we help administrate on it as well.  We do weekly live shows every Saturday night within this group.


Geology365 Gem and Mineral Rock Club List by State - An actively updated (but not complete) list of Gem and Mineral Rock Clubs filterable by state.  Useful for finding local rockhounds or local shops with equipment and/or classes.


Gem and Mineral Shows list by State - A useful list of Gem and Mineral Shows / Rock Shows listed by state.  May not be complete but is actively updated.  Useful to find places to buy in person and connect with rockhounds.


BLM Can I Keep this Guide for Rockhounding - A useful guide on what you can keep while rockhounding on BLM Land.  Remember to always call your local station to check for local regulations.  Also be sure and research if there are any legal claims you need to respect on public lands when rockhounding.


Richardson's Rock Ranch - A great in person experience when visiting Oregon.  Generations have amassed a stunning collection on this ranch, and it should be in any rockhounds bucket list to see.  Use to offer in person digging at local thunderegg beds, however they are no longer do at the time this was written.