Random Pull Polished A Grade Labradorite Display Specimen! High Grade!

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ONE Random Pull Freeform Polished Labradorite Display Specimen. 


This listing is for a single random pull specimen of the grade shown in the photos.  Each polished display specimen shows great flash on at least one side, and each one is polished on multiple sides.  Weights range between 6 oz and 1 lbs.  Most are between 2 and 4 inches long, though some variation can occur.  These are not graded to size, but rather graded to the quality of the display.  


Some variation of colors can exist.  The color in Labradorite is viewed when slowly moving the stone in different directions.  If you line it up just right, at certain angles it can be viewed in all its hidden beauty from eye level.  Some creativity can be required to make the perfect display out of these, but it is well worth the trouble!  Each chunk is polished, all photos were taken dry and in bright natural sunlight.  


Labradorite is a calcium enriched feldspar that has a chatoyant effect that is best viewed in bright light, this chatoyant effect is known as labradorescence.  When you turn it in bright light, you will see areas light up and flash with bright color.  They can flash indoors, though for the best result direct light is needed.  These are beautiful no matter how you display them though, and some experimenting may be required to discover how you can best appreciate them!  


In the metaphysical world, Labradorite is known as a shielding stone.  It protects one from negative or hurtful energy, and instills strength to those around it.  It is also known as a stone of deeper connection.


Among the Eskimo Inuit and Innu people, Labradorite was known as a spiritual and mythical stone.  It was believed that a native warrior smacked the stones with a hammer or spear, freeing them and thus creating the aurora borealis; with the remaining light staying within these stones!  

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