Overflowing High Grade Cut and Proven Kaleidoscope Jasper Flatrate! 24.5 lbs!

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Here is a gorgeous box of Kaleidoscope Jasper with each chunk having been cut to expose high grade jasper! This lot is from the last mining trip, and are from some chunks that we cut some very high end slabs from! Some are large enough to at least glue and get 2-3 more slabs, but some endcuts do exist that would be best as displays. This contains chunks from multiple deposits, from the Psychedelic to the Angelic, and multiple in between! It even has some of the rare Tapestry variety, a variety we have pulled very little out since the first year the mine was in operation! There are some super killer museum grade chunks in this, and this is certainly a batch you won't want to miss out on!


Weight: Approx 24.5 Lbs

I do my best to represent the stones with photos.  I don't enhance photos, though sometimes brightness and contrast on monitors may differ, and while a photo may look just like the rock on my end, it will sometimes appear brighter or duller on your end.  I run my monitor at default brightness and contrast settings.

At lapidarycentral we are doing our best to limit spread during the pandemic.  We are doing extra sanitizing of packing and handling surfaces, being sure to thoroughly wash our hands before packing or handling, and taking precautions to limit exposure.  Still, we suggest spraying packages before opening, and the inside before handling, and letting the package set for at least 5 minutes afterwards.  

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