Random Pull RARE Brazilian Cheetah Agate Stone Rough!

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Random Pull Brazilian Cheetah Agate Rough!


Brazilian Cheetah Stone is a form of chalcedony agate that is mined in a Brazilian Apatite Crystal mine!  Cheetah Stone is a very beautiful stone that has some amazing natural dendrites and a gorgeous blend of often creamy agate!  It can have a darker display, or it can be a bright and colorful display!  Cheetah stone also can often have blue druzy microcrystal pockets, which add a nice natural appearance to the stone!  Cheetah Stone has not been imported to the United States in years, and it is unclear if any fresh material will ever hit the market again; as it is believed to have been tapped out!  These are perfect for tumbling or trimming, with some chunks being suitable for a 10" rock saw.  Cheetah Stone makes amazing displays just as they are, with some very stunning natural beauty just as they are!  Cheetah Stone takes an amazing polish!


These can make fantastic rough for tumbling!  The majority are the perfect size, and Cheetah stone is a very hard agate!  It tends to take a mirror polish and it holds together pretty well, though some stages can take longer due to its hardness.  Some druzy may need to be worked through or pre ground.  If you plan on tumbling, just leave a note during checkout with your desired size!  These can also make great trimmers for cabbing slabs!  


All in this listing are random pull.  Most are tumbler sized chunks, often about the size of a walnut, but sometimes the size of a quarter.  Cheetah Stone can have a skin that covers the pattern, and you may receive some like that.  One pound is often about a handful, and generally includes 3-5 chunks, but can sometimes be more or less.  Some cutters are in the random pull pile, suitable for a 10 inch saw.  If you are looking for chunks for a certain purpose, please let me know and we will see if we can accommodate you, otherwise a random pull of sizes will be done.  Photos shown are a representation on the grade.  Individual chunks photographed were some picked for photograph from the random pull pile.  All photos are taken wet and under natural light.


These have all been sorted to have every single one hopefully be good quality workable material.  No high grade has been removed from the random pull pile!  


With Cheetah Stone becoming super rare, these are certainly some stones you won't want to miss out on!

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