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Lucky Strike Thundereggs were originally found by an old time rockhound, Leonard Kopcinski, that went by the name of Kop. Having grown up in Mitchell Oregon myself, I was lucky to have gotten the privilege of growing up knowing him.

Lucky Strike Thundereggs are well known for their gorgeous mossy patterns, high rate of agate, and the potential for plume. They tend to take a great polish and make amazing display thundereggs once cut. They are very popular in stores and also with kids. They are mined in the Ochoco Mountains of Central Oregon.


Weight: Approx: 7 lbs 12 oz

Measurements (inches - longest - approx): 7.4 x 6 x 4.4

I do my best to represent the stones with photos.  I don't enhance photos, though sometimes brightness and contrast on monitors may differ, and while a photo may look just like the rock on my end, it will sometimes appear brighter or duller on your end.  I run my monitor at default brightness and contrast settings. 

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