Honeycomb Brecciated Jasper Slab! Lapidary Stone Slab!

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Honeycome Brecciated Jasper is a Jasper mined in the hills of Central Oregon by LapidaryCentral. We discovered the main seam in the summer of 2018, which lead to multiple discoveries in the area from a stunning form of agate, a beautiful variety of thundereggs, an interesting geological tale in the form of Oolite, and a form of Brecciated Jasper.

We nammed the material Honeycomb as we originally found this location by a honeycomb a bear had left from a beehive that had rolled down the hill. Upon inspecting, we first located the Thunderegg Deposit in the area! Sadly though, all these deposits are completely inaccessible by motor vehicle, is of extremely rough terrain, and is a multi mile hike that is infested with Rattlesnakes.

It is still a deposit that we love visiting, and we always pack out some great stones with us when we do! Most from the honeycomb deposits are of pretty great quality, with some unique pattern! They all take a great polish too!


Measurements (inches - longest - approx): 3.6 x 3 x .27


The last photo has been taken dry so that you may see any defects. The other photos have been taken wet to simulate a polish.

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