Break Your Own Geode! Moroccan Geodes Whole Random Pull!

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Break Your Own Geode Random Pull Rough!

This listing is for decent sized (baseball to softball sized) Moroccan Geode! Moroccan Geodes have a very high rate of stunning crystals within, most often quartz based, but sometimes even Amethyst! Each one has been hand selected by our experts to provide a near 100% hidden crystal cavern rate! We are so sure of these, if there are no crystals, simply send us a photo of it broken and without stunning crystals, and we'll send your money back, or a replacement; whichever you prefer!

Geodes form from lava cooling and creating pockets; generally from the evaporation of water rich soils. Once these cool, mineral rich waters pour into the hollow openings, slowly forming the stunning crystals you can find!

The crystal photos shown was one random geode we broke ourselves! The last photo shown is of a group of geodes, with a tape measure so you can get a better idea of the size you will get.

To break, we recommend placing the geode on a hard and solid surface, and hitting it in the center or highest point with a hammer. For safety, you can also place a towel over the geode. Please be careful while breaking. Pieces can fly off, which is why we recommend the towel. This can be a great classroom experiment, or a fun at home project!

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