Agate Replaced Fossil Clam Eocene Fossil! Mostly Laevastarte!

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This listing is for ONE random pull small fossil clam from the Dakhla Region of Morocco. These clams are approx 20-30 million years old, being from a formation that dates back to the Eocene period!  Some could have chips, as is expected from something Millions of years old, but most are whole and intact.  These are a smaller fossil, with most being a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch.  They are a neat little fossil, and can be a great addition to any collection!  Most appear to be bivalve clams, most likely of the Laevastarte species.  

One thing is certain, these little fossils sure are neat!  It would be pretty cool to know their history better!  We recommend ordering multiple as a time, as these have the best aesthetic in groups!

Sizes range from 0.25 to .75 inches long!

Photos above represent the approx quality and sizes you will receive. Order will be a random pull from available stock.


If you have special requests, let us know and we will do the best we can; but for the most part these are random pull.

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