2 to 3 Inch Calymene Trilobite Fossil! 460 Million Year Old Fossil!

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This listing is for ONE random pull Authentic Calymene Trilobite Fossil from the Ktaoua Formation of Morocco.  These triolbites are from the Upper Ordovician, approx 460 million years ago!  These are looking good for their age, being so old, think of the hidden stories these beautiful specimens have!  

Trilobites were a very prolific species for millions of years, with the name Trilobite meaning "Three Lobes".  Being one of the oldest form of known Anthropods, over 600 known species of fossil trilobites have been found.  They are believed to be closely related to modern day horseshoe crabs!


Some chippage or cracks can exist because of their age, but each one is mostly whole and is a stunning display!  Some glue may be present to help preserve this stone, but they are mostly unaltered.

Sizes range from 2 to 3 inches long!

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