Fossil Mosasaur Tooth Display Specimen! Fossil Dinosaur Teeth!

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 Here are some fantastic Mosasaur Teeth! These are not replicas and are authentic! Glue may have been used to stabilize and seal any fractures. Some chips or small damage may exists, these are after all ancient!

Mosasaurs were the largest lizards that ever evolved and attained lengths of almost 60 feet with a skull 6 foot long! The Mosasaur was a powerful swimmer who spent its entire life in the sea. Mosasaurs had long and powerful bodies whose tails and limbs were adapted for swimming. They probably swam by moving their long body in a snake-like way, also using their finned tail to propel them forwards. They steered with small, webbed feet.  

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These come from Khouribga, Morocco and are from the Cretaceous Period, approx 70 million years ago!  These are found in a Phosphate mine at that location.  

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