Velvet Obsidian Tumbled Polished Pocket Stones!

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This is for random pull velvet obsidian that has been tumbled and polished.

Mexican Velvet Obsidian is a higher quality obsidian with loads of magnetite that create the velvet like pattern and flashes within! It often features many different colors, and it works into some truly amazing cabochons! It is a personal favorite of ours, and we have never been let down while cutting up batches of these! They can also make awesome pendants or can be great for wire wrapping projects! The color in velvet obsidian is light sensitive. In order to see it, you need to be under bright light, and the stone has to be turned correctly, similar to how a fire opal behaves. With this in mind, this stone is not for everyone and takes some creativeness to get the perfect display. Without things being optimal, it will appear mostly black.

These are tumbled by LapidaryCentral in our shop here in the United States. This is a chance to buy a quality american product. A lot of love has gone into producing these, and we know you will enjoy them as much as we do! We bring our polish much further than typical wholesalers do. Most wholesalers will only polish to 4000 grit. We extend our polishing far beyond this, all the way to nearly 25,000-50,000 grit! This gives a professional grade polish that far supasses what the human eye can see. To top this off, each one has been hand ground and inspected after the initial rotary shaping phase, to eliminate any major defects. This makes each and every piece closer to a form of art than any other tumbled stone! Hours of craftsmanship have gone into these beauties!

Velvet Obsidian is said to be a protective stone that eases stress and brings happiness. In the metaphysical world it is also considered a stone that helps aid physical healing.

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