Used Highland Park 18" Rotating Lap Modified Heavy Duty

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This is an older 18 inch Model K highland park rotating lap / Flat Lap.  This unit has been modified to leave stones on it to more automate the process.  This includes a grit and water drip system.  This unit is able to polish stones fairly quick, though with the modification, it may be difficult to put a leather or carpet mat on it for the final stages.  Everything appears to be in great condition, in full working order, and built like a tank.  I expect it to easily last another 40 years with proper care and maintenance.  

This came from an old collection and was very well taken care of.  These are very rare and you hardly ever see them!  New ones on the market are over $3500!  


The rotating lap appears to have tons of life left.  


Local Pickup in Olympia, Washington preferred.  If you would like this freighted, options may be available, just contact us and we will discuss our options there.

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