Used 18" Hydraulic Rogue Slab Rock Saw

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This is an old Rogue 18" Lapidary Rock Saw with a hydraulic feed!  This saw is in working order.  Its ready to fill up and start cutting slabs!  It is however nearing time for new bushings in the carriage, as it was taking 30 minutes to an hour per slab.  It could also just be that the hydraulic feed isn't liking the segmented rimmed blade.  This saw has a convenient drain system on the bottom of the pan.  At one point someone did try and put wheels on this, prior to our ownership, but these do not function.  


The blade in this is a nearly brand new MK-303 Diamond Segmented Rim 18" Blade!  This saw is a workhorse, and was built nice and tough!  It has survived years of cutting, and for the last 2 years has been a workhorse for us!  Its age does show in the form of oil stains and worn paint, but it is still in great shape and with a little love and care, it'll easily last another 30-40 years!  


These saws are pretty hard to come by!  


We do recommend wearing a respirator rated for oil and silica mists when cutting stones.  


Local Pickup in Olympia, Washington preferred.  If you would like this freighted, options may be available, just contact us and we will discuss our options there.

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