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Material: Assorted Tumbling Rough
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Each stone is completely unique.  Color, Size, Quantity, and appearance can be different.  Some stones may have a skin.  Expect completely different results, but for each to have its own unique natural beauty!  Stones all polish up differently, if you need help or direction with tumbling these, feel welcome to message us. 

One Pound lot of Raw Rough Lapidary Stones sorted for tumbling in a rotary tumbler.  All sizes are approx 1/2 an inch to 3 inches.  Some variation in size may occur. All stones have been hand selected by experts with years of experience to improve quality.  Buy with confidence that Lapidary Central products are of quality and backed by our no questions asked return policy.  


These are great for Tumbling for both kids and adults!  They make great gifts for any friends that are into rock hounding or rock collecting, metaphysical, healing, reiki, or more!  They also are great for decoration, such as plant pots, counter-tops, displays, and more!  Each and every one is a great addition to any collection!  


They are also great for arts and crafts!  We've had some of our very talented customers make some stunning jewelry or art pieces with these, as is or with lapidary equipment!  Humans have been working with stones for thousands of years, it's in our nature to work with natural beauty!  


Our 100% natural stones have never been heat treated, dyed, or had their color alterated through any unnatural means after mining.  Many of our competitors use harsh chemicals or dyes, but we believe in offering 100% natural stones that are untreated!  

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