Tri-Flow Sheen Mahogany Mix Old Stock Oregon Obsidian Rough Flatrate!

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Some of these do have white paint spots.  Some are stuck on pretty good.  May be possible to remove with a pressure washer or a longer soak.  


Here is a stunning batch of Old Stock Mahogany Obsidian from Glass Butte Oregon! This stunning material is a mix of Mahogany, Gold Sheen, Silver Sheen, and Tri Flow Obsidian! Each one is sure to cut stunning slabs for cabs, or could be used for knapping arrowheads! This is from the same mountain that Native Americans use to collect from and knap from across the West Coast! This is certainly one prime box of beautiful material you won't want to miss out on! 


Tri-Flow Obsidian comes from Glass Butte Oregon, and is a gorgeous form of mahogany obsidian that often has multiple grains and currents of flow!  Tri-Flow can make some designer grade cabochons, as the obsidian between is often pure and almost completely see through when held to light or cut thin enough, and the waves of pattern are often in layers!  The color generally comes from Magnetite that was present in the lava flow!  Tri-Flow Obsidian is getting harder and harder to come by, with the majority of the slabs on the market being old stock!  It takes an excellent shine!


Weight: Approx 28 Lbs

I do my best to represent the stones with photos.  I don't enhance photos, though sometimes brightness and contrast on monitors may differ, and while a photo may look just like the rock on my end, it will sometimes appear brighter or duller on your end.  I run my monitor at default brightness and contrast settings.  Rough photos are generally taken wet unless otherwise noted.

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