STUNNING Davis Creek Rainbow Obsidian Slab! Lapidary Stone Slab!

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Davis Creek Rainbow Obsidian is a variety of Obsidian filled with magnetite that gives it the awesome flash while turning it!  Davis Creek Obsidian is from Northeast California, with most Davis Creek on the market either being old stock material, or from one of the few legal claims that still exist.  We at lapidarycentral source our obsidian morally via old stock collections or directly from the existing legal claim owners.  Davis Creek Obsidian takes a great polish and makes fantastic display slabs!  With Rainbow Obsidian, you see the best color when wet or polished and under bright light.  Obsidian is generally black under normal conditions, but you will get the display you see when the prior mentioned conditions are met.


Measurements (inches - longest - approx): 8.8 x 6.9 x .33


The last photo has been taken dry so that you may see any defects. The other photos have been taken wet to simulate a polish.

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