Random Pull Swazi Agate Rough Chunks! Great for Tumbling! Swali Agate

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Random Pull Tumbler Sized Swazi Agate Rough!  Photos taken wet to simulate a polish and show their true color.


Swazi Agate is a form of agate found in Mozambique, Africa.  It also goes by the name of Swali Agate or Mozambique Agate.  The main colors of Swazi Agate are often Carnelian, Pink, or Blue, but it can also have nearly every other color in the spectrum.  It takes an excellent polish, and is a fan favorite for tumbling.  It can be a great beginner tumbler.  We personally recommend at least 2 rounds (weeks) of 80 grit to get rid of the skin, and then proceed with your normal formula for polishing agate via rotary tumble or vibratory tumble.  If you have never tried tumbling this material, it is on our highly recommended list as they really turn out spectacular!  


Some of these could also potentially be trimmed for one cab slabs, or put directly to a cab wheel for cabbing.


All in this listing are random pull.  Most are tumbler sized chunks, often quarter to walnut sized, though some variation in size and shape can occur.  Photos shown are a representation on the grade.  Due to being a natural stone, there can be some variation in the shade of color or minor defects, we have however sorted so each one is beautiful and stunning.  With the size and assortment, we cannot do custom orders for colors, sizes, or shapes with this material.  


These have all been sorted to have every single one hopefully be good quality workable material.  No high grade has been removed from the random pull pile!  There is no junk here!

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