Random Pull RARE Botswana Agate Rough! Old Stock Lapidary Stone Materials!

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Photos are of some that are broken and show the pattern well.  These are a mix of whole and broken ones, and are intended to be cut.  Some may not show their beauty in the rough.  These are intended for lapidary work, if you are looking for a display or finished product, search our listings for Botswana Agate, we have some beauties!  

Botswana Agate is a rare form of Agate from the country of Botswana. Botswana Agate is getting very rare to find now, as to our knowledge, no new material is being mined. Botswana Agate is very popular for its beautiful banding and stunning colors. It tends to take a mirror polish, and works up incredibly easy. Whole Botswana nodules are the most rare, and people tend to hunt these for the illusive pinks, purples, and bright blues. Broken Botswana's are a little more common, but give a higher rate of 'you know what you are getting'.

Botswana Agates were mined in a river bed, which is what causes the smooth appearance. When you see Botswana Agate, you don't want to miss out because with each stone worked or added to a private collection, it gets harder to find!

Photos are taken with the stones wet.  This helps you see their potential once polished. 

Botswana Agates are typically between acord and walnut sized, though some larger or smaller ones may exist in this random pull.

All in this listing are random pull.  One pound is often about a handful, and generally includes 4-8 chunks, but can sometimes be more or less. 

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