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Golden Tiger Eye is a classic form of Tiger-eye that has a flashy chatoyant characteristic.  This quickly led to world famous popularity!  It takes a great polish and works into some pretty amazing cabochons.  When it is wet and moved slowly, it will give an optical effect inside.  This effect is also enhanced when the stone is cut and polished.  Tiger Eye is becoming harder and harder to find, especially good quality material!  

Golden Tiger's Eye can also be tumbled with great results!  This tends to let more light in so you can see the flash better, and it also takes a good polish to add attractiveness!  It does take some special care though, but it is 100% possible to get great results!  We recommend doing the start of the polish with a rotary tumbler, and finishing with a vibra-tumbler, but great results are possible with just a rotary tumbler.

Photos are taken with the stones wet.  This helps you see their potential once polished. 

As of right now the majority of our stock is trimmer rough sized.  

Tiger's Eye can have hematite present.  This is the black streaks you see in some of the photos.  Not all are like this.  Also, there may be some natural blue present in our golden tiger's eye.  These stones are intended for lapidary uses.  These are completely unpolished.  If you are looking for tumbled tiger's eye or polished specimens, view our other listings as we might have some available.  

All in this listing are random pull.  One pound is often about a handful, and generally includes 1-4 chunks, but can sometimes be more or less.  Photos shown are a representation on the grade.  Pictures were taken outdoors under sunlight.  The flash may not be as great indoors.

Golden Tiger's Eye is known as one of the 7 chakra stones.  It is identified as the Solar Plexus Chakra, and is known to help bring confidence and spiritual healing.  It is also said that its presence can help balance hormones and help one to see the beauty in the moment.

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