One Small Fossil Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth! Flordia Fossil!

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This listed is for ONE random pull Small Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth from the Eocene Age (33 to 59 million years ago) of Flordia!

As with most fossil shark teeth, these can be chipped, broken, or whole.

Carcharocles Auriculatus is a direct relative to the famous Megalodon and Carcharocles Auriculatus himself was massive, with teetht that could reach up to 5 inches!

Each one is spectacular, and certainly something you'll want to add to your collection! These are sourced directly from a Fossil Quarry in Northern Flordia and are 100% authentic and untreated! With that being said, they should be handled with care.

The Photos above are part of the lot these will be pulled from.

These range from 0.8 of an inch to 2 inches long.

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