Random Pull RARE Oregon Kaleidoscope Jasper Tumbling-Trimmer Rough!

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Random Pull Kaleidoscope Jasper Tumbling-Trimmer Rough!

Kaleidoscope Jasper is a renowned Oregon Jasper that has tons of pattern and colors present, due to a large amount of historical minerals being present during formation! Kaleidoscope Jasper is primarily a bog jasper formation, and sometimes even contains bits and pieces of petrified wood inside. Kaleidoscope Jasper takes a great polish, with most varieties taking a mirror polish, and some varieties taking a matte polish. It can range from Bright Red to deep blue or purple, with no two pieces being the same!

All in this listing are random pull. Most are tumbling or trimmer sized chunks. Some are freeform cab sized chunks. If you are looking for a certain size, please message us after your order to request it and we will do our best. Otherwise, the pull will be completely random pull with a mix of sizes from penny sized to half fist sized. Most will have high grade pattern showing, those sometimes Kaleidoscope can have a white, green, or black skin covering the pattern; and some may need worked to remove this for the pattern to show. If you are looking for rough displays, please message us after your order so we can do our best to make sure all have visible pattern as they are.

These have all been sorted to have every single one hopefully be good quality workable material. No high grade has been removed from the random pull pile! These have gone through 3 sorting fazes, once by us while at the mines, once while washing, and then once while going into inventory for random pulls. During none of this time have we removed any of the high quality chunks, no matter how good they were!

The last photo is taken with a tape measure so you can get an idea of the sizes present.

With Kaleidoscope Jasper being a very rare material in high demand, these are certainly some stones you won't want to miss out on!

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