Random Pull Mexican Leopard Skin Rhyolite Rough!

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Random Pull Mexican Leopard Skin Rhyolite Rough!


Mexican Leopard Skin Rhyolite is an old stock Rhyolite material that has gorgeous orbicular circles with bright reds or yellows!  It is a very solid material primarily made up of a mixture of Quartz and Feldspar.  It tends to take a decent polish, and is generally fracture free.  Leopard Skin Rhyolite can sometimes have quartz crystal druzy, which can make for some awesome display pieces or even more creative cabochons with a natural look!  Leopard Skin Rhyolite has also gone by the name of Shaman Jasper, due to it being a material that Native American Shamans often used and respected.  Leopard Skin Rhyolite is found in multiple locations, but the area that was mainly mined, and where this material comes from, is around Chihuahua, Mexico.  


Rhyolite is a volcanic lava formation, and the neat and interesting pattern comes from present minerals and the way the mixture cooled!  It is a very neat and bright material that really has a lot to offer!


These can make great tumbling rough!  Leopard Skin Rhyolite is a fairly stable Rhyolite, and it actually can take a pretty great polish depending on the stone.  It can be very circumstantial from piece to piece, but we've found that about 60-70% of leopard skin rhyolite can actually take just below a mirror polish!  If you plan on tumbling, just leave a note during checkout with your desired size.  These can also make great trimming rough for cabbing slabs!  

All in this listing are random pull.  Most are trimmer sized chunks, often smaller than fist sized but larger than a quarter.  One pound is often about a handful, and generally includes 2-4 chunks, but can sometimes be more or less.  Photos shown are a representation on the grade.  Individual chunks photographed are a decent representation of what you will get, and each photographed chunk is in the random pull pile!


These have all been sorted to have every single one hopefully be good quality workable material.  No high grade has been removed from the random pull pile!  


With Mexican Leopard Skin Rhyolite becoming more and more rare, this is certainly a material you won't want to miss out on!  Its a material that is getting harder for us to find!

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