Random Pull Chinese Rainbow Fluorite Stone Rough!

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Random Pull Chinese Rainbow Fluorite Rough!

Chinese Rainbow Fluorite is a gorgeous jewelry grade Fluorite! It often has lines of color going throughout it with darker tones until it has been cut. Light may sometimes be required to see the color, and it can differ from piece to piece, but it is a gorgeous stone to add to your collection, and if you are a lapidary artist, it can make stunning cabochons or display slabs! Chinese Rainbow Fluorite is a crystal type formation, and when cut and dry, you can actually see the crystalline structure of the fluorite! Size can differ greatly from chunk to chunk. The photos are provided to give a good representation of what you might get.


Chinese Rainbow Fluorite can make decent tumbling rough, though some care is required as Fluorite is a softer stone and needs a little more love.  There is a great video on youtube that gives a method of dry polishing in a rotary tumbler that is pretty easy to follow!  We recommend giving that look if you plan on tumbling these.  This can also make great trimming material for cabbing slabs!  

All in this listing are random pull. Most are trimmer sized chunks, often about half fist sized, but some may be around the size of a walnut. Chinese Rainbow Fluorite can have a skin that covers the color, and you may receive some like that. It can also be hard to see the color without decent lighting, as it is a denser fluorite. One pound is often about 1-2 chunks, but can sometimes be more or less. Some cutters are in the random pull pile, suitable for a 10 inch saw. If you are looking for chunks for a certain purpose, please let me know and we will see if we can accommodate you, otherwise a random pull of sizes will be done. Photos shown are a representation on the grade. Individual chunks photographed were some picked for photograph from the random pull pile. The last photo is shown with a tape measure so you can get a better idea of the average sizes. All photos are taken wet and under natural light.

These have all been sorted to have every single one hopefully be good quality workable material. No high grade has been removed from the random pull pile!

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