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These are a mix of C Grade thundereggs.  These have been unsorted by us, but came from an old rock shop that use to sell by the lbs, so these have been sorted through quite a bit.  Some duds will more than likely exist, and some are broke in ways that make them hard to cut.  Some nice eggs do exist though.  At this price, it is well worth the gamble!  

Photos are taken with the stones wet.  These are raw stones, the majority are uncut and unpolished.  

These are all old stock thundereggs, mostly from Oregon.  The common types are White Fir Springs Thundereggs, Priday Ranch Thundereggs, Friends Ranch Thundereggs, Lucky Strike Thundereggs, and Whistler Springs Thundereggs.  

As said before, these came from an old rock shop and these have been heavily graded.  This was however a big pile, and we definitely saw enough to make these boxes worth while!

 These are mostly old stock, though some modern digs may exist.

All in this listing are random pull.  One pound is often about one to four thundereggs, but can sometimes be more or less.  These need to be cut with a lapidary slab saw to show their true beauty.

There are multiple sizes available.  If you are looking for a certain size, or have a certain purpose you want us to select for, please message us or add notes to the order and we will do our best to accommodate those requests!

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