Highgrade Malachite Tumbled Polished Pocket Stone!

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This listing is for ONE random pull stunning Green Malachite that has been tumbled and polished!  Each one is approx 3 quarters of an inch to an inch and a half.  


These are some beautiful and amazing Tumbled and Polished Malachite!  Each one has been hand selected and sorted for optimum quality and flash!  


Malachite comes from Copper Mines, and it gets its beautiful green color from copper present within the stone!  It is a stone that has been worked since ancient times, and looking at these beautiful pieces, its no wonder why!


These are the perfect size to keep as a pocket stone, and beautiful enough to display on countertops or book stands!  They are a truly lovely stone!  


Malachite is said to ease personal suffering and bring ease during times of change!  It is commonly known and the stone of transformation!  


Photos above represent the approx quality and sizes you will receive. Order will be a random pull from available stock. If you have special requests, let us know and we will do the best we can; but for the most part these are random pull.

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