Handful of Authentic Gem Dinosaur Bone Fragments and Slivers!

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Here is a handful of Authentic Old Stock Gem Dinosaur Bone from the United States!  Each one is guaranteed to be authentic Dinosaur Bone from different formations within the united states!  Some can have silica replaced cells, while others can retain the outside bone shape!  This is a very unique opportunity to have some real dinosaur bone in your collection, or could even be a great gift for a kid.  Children love these, as it causes their imagination to run wild!  


Gem Dinosaur Bone is the silicated remnants of Dinosaurs!  Our Authentic Dinosaur bone can come from all over the world, including but not limited to; Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Morocco!  Gem Fossil Dinosaur Bone is silica replaced, with the bone cell structure often present and well preserved, and color given by present minerals!  All of our Gem Dinosaur Bone is old stock material, as Gem Dinosaur Bone is now illegal to collect or remove on Public Lands.  It is a federally protected material, though Old Stock Materials, or materials from Private Lands, can be on the market, in private collections, or turned into Rings, Pendents, Necklaces, Belt Buckles, and more!  One thing is certain, this is a piece with an ancient story!  


Sizes can range from approx 0.5 to 2 inches long and is a random pull.


Photos above represent the approx quality and sizes you will receive. Order will be a random pull from available stock and often include 6 pieces or more.

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