Fossil Turritella Agate Tumbled Polished Pocket Stones! 200 grams!

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This listing is for 200 grams of random pull Fossil Turritella Agate that has been tumbled and polished!  200 grams if generally between 10-20 pieces, but can be greater or less than that depending on the batch.


Fossil Turritella Agate is a form of Fossilized Turritella Water Snail, often found on ancient dried lakebeds that have fossilized.  These have been completely changed to stone, with no organic material remaining.  They are a pretty neat fossil, especially for children!  


These are the perfect size to keep as a pocket stone, and beautiful enough to display on countertops or book stands!  They are a truly lovely stone!  One unique way we have seen these displayed are in jars on a counter-top!  


Turritella Agate is said to be a stone of spiritual connections; often to ones ancestors.  It is also said to be a stone of wisdom.  


Photos above represent the approx quality and sizes you will receive. Order will be a random pull from available stock.


These are not tumbled by LapidaryCentral, but are instead sourced by a vendor we work with.  

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