Fossil Peanut Wood Petrified Wood Slab! Lapidary Stone Slab!

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Peanut Wood is a rare form of Petrified Wood from near Carnarvon, Australia!  Believed to be a form of Cretaceous Drift wood, this drift wood had shellfish larvae called Terado, also known as Shipworm, attach to it and ate holes into it, which is where the white void filled patterns come from.  Peanut Wood can naturally have some fractures, and it generally needs to be worked very carefully when cabbing, but it can have some pretty awesome results!  It is a spectacular form of petrified wood, and with its abnormal route to formation; its a very unique form of wood!  Peanut Wood is an incredibly rare material, with limited amounts being placed on the market due to Australian Laws that prohibit it from being dug, and only allowing surface material to be ethically collected.  Don't miss out on this amazing material!


Measurements (inches - longest - approx): 3.8 x 3.6 x .25


The last photo has been taken dry so that you may see any defects. The other photos have been taken wet to simulate a polish.

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