High Grade Cabbing Trimmer Rough Random Pull Madagascar Labradorite Rough!

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One Pound Random Pull Madagascar Labradorite Rough that is Cabbing-Trimmer Sized!  This listing is from random pull of high grade cabbing and trimming rough sized chunks.  We cannot do special requests for color, but we can do special requests for sizes.  Each chunk has been hand picked and sorted by us to insure quality!  

This is High Grade Labradorite that is generally less than fist size and suitable for a trim saw and some up to a 10" saw.  These beauties can be great to stick right to a grinding wheel as freeform displays, put in a tumbler, or keep in a pocket as a charm!  Each one has been hand selected to offer a brilliant flash, and there should be no waste in this material!  Most color should run through most of the stone when turned to the right angle. 


Photos are taken wet.  Labradorite needs to be wet or polished to show the best color.  Color may not be seen at certain angles.  WIth Labradorite, you have to have it positioned correctly to get the best view of the inner hidden beauty!  This can require some patience, but is much easier with practice.  


Madagascar Labradorite is a well renowned stone for the stunning cabochons and other forms of art made with it!  It is generally a very reliable but in high demand stone!  These are all high grade chunks, and there is tons of profit to be made in each lbs for any lapidary artist!  


All in this listing are random pull. Most are trimmer rough, often smaller than a a fist, but larger than a quarter.  A lbs is typically between 2-6 chunks, but is sometimes more or less.  

The photos shown are a representation of what you may get and were selected from the random pull pile based on what quickly caught my eye.  There should also be a photo present with a measuring tape, to help you get an idea of what sized to expect.  The photo with the tape measure was completely random pull with the stones turned to show the color.  

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