Fossil Enchodus Libycus Saber Toothed Herring Jaw!

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Here is an amazing Fossil Enchodus Jaw from the Sahara! This jaw is a smaller specimen, with some excellent teeth showing and a well preserved jaw line. This fossil appears to be completely natural, with no treating, prepping, or artist representation. Please take a look at the measurements, as this is a smaller specimen. This fossil is perfectly stable as is, however, it is highly recommended to handle it with care, its only 75 million years old after all!

Specimen is approx 2.9 x 1.9 x .9 inches.

This is approx 65 to 75 Million Years Old!

During the Late Cretaceous, several species of fish in the genus Enchodus were common in the Western Interior Sea. They small to medium sized predators and their remains are commonly found as fossils. The characteristic that is most noticeable in all species of Enchodus is the presence of large "fangs" at the front of the upper and lower jaws. This fish has occasionally been referred to as the "Saber-Toothed Herring" because of the appearance of these unusually large, curved teeth but the genus is not related to modern Herrings. It is possible that the fish may used it's unique teeth to capture soft bodied animals like squid (Tusotuethids). This genus of fish survived the end of the Age of Dinosaurs (Mesozoic) by several million years and is well represented in the fossil record around the world. Enchodus was probably a very important part of the food chain in the oceans of the Cretaceous.

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