Apple Valley Jasper Slab! Fossil Stromatolite Slab!

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Apple Valley Jasper is collected from the same location and the popular Apple Valley Agate (Sahara Desert of Morocco), but it is actually a fossil stromatolite!  Stromatolites are a form of ocean colonizing bacterial called cyanobacteria that get trapped in sediment layers!  Stromatolites are one of the earliest known fossils, and in some locations around the world, they are still being formed!  With Apple Valley Jasper, each layer is a unique story, as the geological events and mineral contents of the surrounding water and sediment; gives it the color and pattern it displays!  Apple Valley Jasper often features bright reds, with gorgeous lines displayed.  They can also have hematite flowers, which really create some captivating cabochons!  Apple Valley Jasper takes an excellent polish!


Measurements (inches - longest - approx): 3.4 x 2.2 x .24


The last photo has been taken dry so that you may see any defects. The other photos have been taken wet to simulate a polish.

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